Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Shure Call for Legends Contest

I've applied for the Shure Call for Legends Contest.

This is my profile: My Profile

And also, this is my first blog post in a long time.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

My debut EP

(I've Got) A Long Way to Go EP

Check it out here: Bandcamp Page

It features four songs: Everything She Knew, I'll Be, Happy (a brand new one), and Chained to the Ground (an alternate version of the instrumental I wrote in memory of Elliott Smith).

And also, cover art by Zina Nedelcheva:

And Everything She Knew artwork by my friend Hanna Fazekas

Friday, September 14, 2012

Ilko Birov - Everything She Knew

This is the version without the soaring backing vocals (I jest). A demo of sorts.

Click here, for this is the link to the song on my Soundcloud

I'm leaving home now
Don't know when I'll try to get back
I'm gonna roam now
Might find myself in a year or two

I gotta tell you, that I'm awfully fond of the way
You treat me night and day
I want to show you, that I'm better off on my own
Truly better off on my own

I met some friends here
Really hope they don't pull one on me
'Talk a lot about nature
And how most people should try and be free

I feel like crying, but I'm awfully fond of the way
That you treat me night and day
Just wanted to show you, that I'm better off on my own
Truly better off on my own

na-na naa

I got into some trouble, with the law
I wrote to you, but you still didn't call
So later, when they say I'm ready
I won't feel so adventurous at all

I promise, I promise, I promise


(I like the "na-na naa" part best)


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Legend of Thr33

"You wanna know about Thr33?!" This is probably the best one in the series.

Cat Power - Lived In Bars (Awesome Live)

My left speaker has been broken for a while now, so I took out the big old headphones yesterday, and listening to this feels great.
The studio version has a really neat guitar lead panned to the left in the second half of the song.

On a less-important note, today was probably the hottest day of summer so far.