Friday, February 24, 2012

Ilko Birov - I Want You

the I Want You song

I want you
baby, I want you for good
I may not know what that entails
But I'll figure it out, and if that's all I ever do
I'll do it

I want you
darling, I want you and it hurts
If I don't live for the moment, why am I really here?
You know? Just to try and find the words
To say

 I've been alone, got pushed around, have no intention
 of letting your  heart down, like the droplets of water
 on your windshield

 Went to the bridge, that lion's gate. Saw everything
 flash behind these eyes , was so surprised.
 Then I realized

I need you
dearest friend, I need you and I can't let go
It's every time I turn, every crowded space
Just your face I see
My heart belongs to something
that isn't there
'Cause my heart belongs to something that just
isn't there.

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