Monday, December 5, 2011

Teaching "Man Gave Names To All The Animals" (Bob Dylan cover)

A while ago a friend and I organized a summer learning course for kids (aged 5 to 8) called "Adventures in the English Language".
I took it upon myself to pick out a couple of children's songs and arrange them for guitar, so that we would all sing them together.
The kids enjoyed these so much I decided to record what I had come up with (at the end of the course each received my cd along with the lyrics printed out).

This was the piece they enjoyed the most! At first my colleague and I started by laying pictures and stuffed animals on the tatami in front of the kids (we were in a karate club), and after they got all the names, they started to hum, some shyly, others with confidence.
Eventually they got the whole song, and the chorus really came to life.

So, here is my humble recording of this masterpiece by Bob Dylan:

Man Gave Names


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