Wednesday, February 9, 2011

An afternoon walk around Plovdiv

Today in Pictures

We decided to go to the Old Town in preparation for a project due friday (two days from now), where we have to plan an itinerary around that part of my city.
Some of the places I shot today have a very interesting history, and others.. Well, I just wanted to shoot for the sake of shooting. We started out at the Dzhumaya Mosque (literally, Friday Mosque) and made our way up to the Ancient Theatre. Found ourselves at the Historical Museum (gah, no English version yet, I'm afraid) and spoke to a curator who thought that note-taking people are smart, and those who listen and simply remember everything are "stupid", as she quite bluntly put it. Did downtown Plovdiv and disbanded.
I took a lot of photos with my friend's HP Photosmart R607.
So, here it all is!

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