Monday, February 28, 2011

Ilko Birov - Restless Dreams

Subject to change

Restless Dreams

Here you are
Looking very sharp
Your mind's on the quay and your
Head's at the dock

Like a single-handed sailor
I made my way through
And the ocean of waves couldn't
Keep me from you
It couldn't keep me from you

But I never thought this could happen
Between me and you
You know you, you took the gold
From my heart, and now all I've got
is a stone-cold rock

And there's just blue
There's just blue

You took the lot, and that's how you left me,

I'll count from 1 to 5
And when I open my eyes
Things will change, and no more
Strange people getting in the way
No more of you in my dreams
Come sanity
And there's no more of me
No more of that

At the bridge with the Lions
You remember?
That November,
The house fell down (x2)

Now here you are
Lookin' very sharp
His mind' on the quay
And your head's at the dock

Like a single-handed sailor
He made his way through
And the ocean of greed couldn't
Keep him from you
Keep him from you

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